Website Design + Facebook Content
Comox Valley Combat Guild

The Comox Valley Combat Guild (CVCG) launched in January 2019, and are the only Historical European Martial Arts Guild on Vancouver Island outside of Victoria. They wanted a website that would be mobile optimized, host a blog, and list their upcoming classes. Keeping their website easy to navigate was important to them, so the user interface is simple while still being informative. CVCG has maintained high traffic on their website by keeping their class schedule up to date, writing blog posts, and making it accessible on their social media platforms.


Mobile Optimized Website Design

The CVCG website is optimized for easy use across all platforms, including computers, tablets, and cell phones. On computers and tablets the menu remains at the upper right of the screen, while on cell phones a stacked menu icon in the upper right expands to show the menu options.

Web Flat Lay CVLLC & CVCGArtboard 1@3x.png

Facebook Posts

I was happy to help write some initial Facebook posts for CVCG. Preparing for the posts included research on relevant topics, sourcing graphics, and scheduling posting date and time based on analytics.

Some of the topics I wrote about include:

  • The small science of swords

  • Inclusion of all genders in Historical European Martial Arts

  • Necessary equipment

  • Canadian Indigenous Martial Arts program (Okichitaw)

    I continue to provide consultation and website upkeep to CVCG on an as-needed basis.


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