Social Media Management
Western Canada Addiction Forum

The Western Canada Addiction Forum (WCAF) will be hosted their 6th annual Forum in 2019! WCAF is one of the foremost Addiction Medicine conferences in Canada, with renowned speakers and presenters every year. The WCAF committee wanted to make sure the Forum would be well promoted to a broad audience of people working in the field of addictions, and requested Big Hello Social Co.'s assistance in creating content for and managing four social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

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Social Media Content + Engagement

Social media provides a fantastic opportunity to highlight the promotions and speakers at WCAF. I research speakers and relevant topics to write posts, and source images for posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Many of the posts involve a call to action to encourage actions like submitting a presentation abstract, registering for the Forum, or sponsoring a bursary. I also make sure to have high engagement across social media platforms to develop relationships, build awareness of WCAF, and increase engagement in our call to actions.


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